The smallest, lightest,
safest wearable pump

Patch is our wearable disposable insulin pump unit

Small and Light
Wearable Insulin Pump

Thinner, narrower, lighter than any other leading brands.
Thin & small: can ‘disappear’ under your clothes.
Waterproof: you can take shower or swim with the pump worn.

· Thickness: 12.9mm
· Weight: 18g (excluding insulin)
· Waterproof: IPx8 (1m under water for 24 hours)

Smart & flexible basal and bolus control

Patch can provide sustained infusion of insulin
throughout the day (basal) and/or infuse
additional amount of insulin over a short period of time (bolus).

Entirely disposable
(3-day use)

Use for up to three days and throw away the entire Patch
– Keeps you safe from any threat of infection.

Fast occlusion detection capability

Adopted 30-gauge stainless steel needle to minimize dangerous occlusion.
Built-in cutting-edge sensing technology can detect occlusion fast even at the lowest infusion speed.

Item Specification
Overall Rectangular, Disposable,
Water proof (IPx8 : 1m under water for up to 24hr)
49.9 x 32.4 x 12.9 mm, Weight: 18g (excluding insulin)
Alarm type Audible (Piezo buzzer)
Reservoir Holds up to 200 U (2ml),
Need to fill at least 80U to activate the pump
Cannula Stainless steel needle, 30G
Insertion time: under 1 ms
Shelf life: 3 Months
Active pump life: up to 72 Hours

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