Patch-type pump with no infusion tubing – more freedom, more life.


Small and light EOPatch hides under your clothing,
and others don’t need to know.


With IPx8 rating (1m 24 hours),
enjoy freedom and more activities.


The EOPatch can be used for 3.5 days and replaced
on fixed days of the week for regular use.

3 Simple Steps to Start EOPatch

  • 1. Fill insulin
    Fill the Patch with insulin using a disposable syringe. (Injectable insulin amount: 80~200U)
  • 2. Pair with an EOPatch controller Pair with an EOPatch controller (ADM or Narsha) via Bluetooth.
  • 3. Apply and insert cannula
    Apply the Patch to a desired area on the skin and rotate the needle lever to insert the cannula.

* For details about each step, please refer to the EOPatch user manual.


The data in the EOPatch controller
can be checked through a smartphone and PC.

The EOBridge supports user mode and guardian mode.
The EOPatch user's insulin delivery history can be
monitored through the guardian mode.

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